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The State of Utah vs. Beaches Bodyworks

After 5 years and over 40,000 treatments, Salt Lake County and the State of Utah have closed Beaches Bodyworks for no other reason than they are TAKING AWAY YOUR RIGHT to human touch. They assert that any “contact with movement, involving touching the clothed or unclothed body” for a fee from anyone without a license is illegal. This affects yoga studios, tailors, childcare providers, skincare sales associates, and many other industries not to mention anyone shaking hands over a business deal (that’s contact with movement too).  


We Disagree

We are suing the state in the court of appeals case #20160241-SC. We believe EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO HUMAN TOUCH as long as it is non-sexual and non-therapeutic in nature. Leave therapy to the professionals; but don’t regulate friendly, helpful, compassionate touch. Human touch is EVERYONE’S RIGHT, whether you're in a yoga class getting an adjustment, at the mall shopping for makeup and skincare products, or in a spa getting a body treatment. 


Take Action

If you agree with us, here’s what you can do: 

  1. Contact Salt Lake County @ and demand justice. Closing Beaches down prematurely before the court has ruled on the matter is unfair and unjust. If the court rules in Beaches' favor, their license will have been wrongfully terminated. At that point, a "sorry" from the county isn't going to fix the injustice. There is no harm in reinstating the license and allowing the court system do its job.
  2. Contact your lawmakers @ and say NO to regulating human touch outside non-sexual and non-therapeutic situations. Ask officials to reign in DOPL and prohibit them from adding rules that fundamentally change laws that were properly legislated.
  3. Vote for Andy McCullough for Attorney General. Andy strongly opposes over-regulation and laws that are arbitrary and capricious in nature. He believes in fair and equal treatment for all and diligently works to preserve human rights. For more information, visit

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